Escapism into the world of Fantasy

Fantasy books, films, games have always been at the forefront of my life. I personally believe that the reason for this is not only that they’re usually complete nonsense (if you disagree with this then read some Terry Pratchett books…), but that they have that allure of escaping from your life, and being able to lose yourself within a world of a different kind.

Being a big fan of fantasy myself, I tend to escape into fantasy on a daily basis. I try read most nights, as I find that even if my day has been bordering on excruciatingly painful, that fantasy brings me back into a sort of bearable mood. Most days I escape into fantasy through the use of gaming, which has it’s pros and cons over books.

Books you don’t live the fantasy – you are a spectator; slightly removed from the ordeals yet still very much part of the surroundings. It’s as if you are a sub-character – who’s job it is to follow the main characters every move and decision, to mirror them, and learn from them. Whereas when it comes to gaming; you actually live the life. No matter what game it is, be it a strategy game, or a role-playing game, you are the controller. The games that sum this up perfectly for me, are the Black and White games. During these, you literally are a God. you control what the your village does, by moving a big God-like hand around. This is how I feel we see ourselves within games, and I have to admit, it is a pretty amazing feeling.

Music has also been used to escape. Not necessarily into fantasy, but in order to escape from life. Everyone seems to have some sort of resent for life. Even people who claim to be happy go through their bad spells of blaming life for everything. So it is natural that we wish to escape – not drastically escape like committing suicide – but a way of changing the way you view the world for a short period of time.


Absolutely no idea why I wrote this – In all honesty, I’m extremely bored and just feel like writing down whatever I think about!