Memories From the Childhood Era

As I lie here in a pub, (don’t worry – I’m not utterly plastered/car-parked/Brandybucked/drunk, I just happen to be spending the night in the pub that my Uncle owns… What strange situations I find myself in) trying to get to asleep despite the blasting music playing right underneath me, I can’t help but think of one of my childhood memories from when I was — well, a child!

Not that it really has much to do with a pub, but I have a feeling it did involve my Mum consuming a rather excessive amount of alcohol. I must’ve been about 5 or 6, and my Mum was being all loud and obnoxious, as you’d expect. Except, at this point, she wasn’t even drunk… When she finally DID get drunk, she was even more obnoxious than usual. What I distinctly remember, is her picking me up, laughing and cooing (in a drunken manner; the effect is rather terrifying in all honesty), spinning me round in her arms, before chucking me up and down. Being her slightly intoxicated self, she cleverly managed to chuck me into the ceiling… Can’t say I really remember anything after that incident, and have therefore placed all the blame for my failures on that fatal day.
So, my question to whoever actually reads these blogs, is: can any of you tell me your most memorable/horrific (your choice which) childhood memory in the comments? I think it would be very interesting to hear the wide range of memories!

I Applaud The Female Gender

I don’t know how you guys (or gals, if you take offence being generalised as “guys”) do it. Do you have some sort of inner system which makes you better able to cope? I am evidently lacking it.
I am quite obviously talking about looking after and raising children.

Recently, my Dad and Step-mum adopted a lovely 7 year old, who I do love to bits, just… Yeah, she’s like an adorable devil. One minute she’s all cute and innocent, then the next she’s driving me up the wall (figuratively) or causing pain to my ears (literally this time – she has an odd habit of playing with earlobes). She’s now 8, and I just count myself lucky that I missed the first few years in all honesty. I don’t think I’d be able to deal with a really really REALLY hyper, emotional, annoying child. This one is bad enough.

Basically I just wanted to applaud the female gender for their seemingly unquenchable ability to deal with children. Bravo women around the world, bravo!

My Favourite Fantasy (and bordering on “trash”) Book Series

This was a baaaaddddd idea for a blog… I’m going to have a REALLY difficult time deciding here.

I’m going to level with you: most of the books I read tend to be trashy, not greatly written, nor very thought-provoking books. This might explain why I tend to read fantasy books… Not that fantasy books are trashy, just… yeah, they mostly are! But that’s a good thing! As I stated in an earlier blog; I use fantasy to escape from the real world, and do enjoy them more than most other books. Not that I haven’t tried reading different types of books… I went through a phase of loving the John Grisham books, but sadly eventually ran out and didn’t particularly want to spend money on anymore.

Anyways, as the title of this blog suggests, I’m going to tell you about my favourite fantasy books series. I have pondered long and hard about which my overall favourite series is (during writing this in fact – as I thought I had a clear idea of which was my favourite but then I remembered other books and it all kind of snowballed…), and I believe I have FINALLY come to a conclusion.

Now, bear in mind, I have eliminated The Lord of the Rings from this choice as I thought that was a bit too much of an obvious one. Before I continue to beat about the bush without actually stating which series I mean, the books that I have enjoyed the most are: The Spook’s Apprentice Series by Joseph Delaney.

In this Series, you follow Tom Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son… of a seventh son. Naturally, being a seventh son x3 gives you some sort of supernatural understanding, so it was only logical for Tom to become the Apprentice to a Spook (as the title suggests). For those of you who don’t know; a Spook is a profession that is called upon to deal with supernatural occurrences, such as boggarts, ghouls, witches and such like. Throughout the books, you follow Tom’s journey of helping, hindering, and whatever services an apprentice must perform, for his master.

As I stated earlier, they’re not the GREATEST written books, but they’re enjoyable, and do keep you hooked and on the edge of your… Whatever it is you sit/lie/stand on whilst reading books.

Other close contenders were: Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, Cherub by Robert Muchamore and all the Darren Shan books.

10 Facts About Me

As my creative brain has decided to not really function properly today, I have decided to do a simple ’10 facts about me’… Could be interesting!

1. I am completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings. Like, overly obsessed…

2. Medieval and Greek Mythology is cool. 

3. I have a mad desire to own a pug.

4. My life’s ambition is to be a cat (kind of conflicts with number three thinking about it…)

5. I game an excessive amount. Not a hardcore gamer, just someone who games a lot (that makes sense, right?)

6. Reading also occasionally finds a way into my life!

7. Did I mention my obsession with Lord of the Rings?

8. Absolutely no plan for my future life… I know, I’m well prepared


10. I’ve run out of facts…


As you can tell, my life is TOTALLY filled with excitement… 

The Greatest Antagonist in Fiction?

Every story, be it a film, book, or play, needs a protagonist. And to go along with this “hero” you require an antagonist. What makes a great antagonist though? There are many different speculations about this. Personally, I like the ones who basically reflect the protagonist, but in a sinister, crazier and darker way.

For this reason, I believe that Moriarty is THE greatest antagonist in fiction.

Jim Moriarty is what I deem as the perfect villain. An almost creepy reflection of Sherlock, and if Sherlock had chosen a path of villainy and cruelty, they would’ve been precisely the same character. Particularly his portrayal by Andrew Scott in the BBC Sherlock, gives a powerful look into this villain. I think there’s really only one word to sum him up: Insane.


The Necessity of Embracing your Gay Side

I want to make something clear: I am a heterosexual.

However, I have come to terms with the fact that I am bordering very close to being camp. But I’m okay with that. I have no problem with gay people; be them male, female, bisexual, homosexual, straight, I can accept that. The one thing I cannot stand are homophobic people. I can understand (in a very vague way) religious people who do not approve of homosexuality, however, I don’t really think they have the right to demean them in shape or form.

There was a show hosted by Russell Brand a while back, where two very strong Christian-believers were interviewed by him, and expressed there views on gay people. It was when a woman in the crowd, was brave to answer Russell when he asked who in the audience was gay and that one of the Christians immediately retorted “You’re going to hell.“. What right did he have to condemn her to hell? Surely if God does exist then He’s the one who should have the final word, He’s the one who gets to decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Personally, I think the Christians who believe in condemning somebody just for their sexuality (a sexuality which they don’t even really have an influence over) should be the ones who go to hell.

Rant over – moving back onto me and my sexuality. As I was saying, I see no problem with homosexuals. I personally think I am allowed to comment on whether a guy is attractive or not, from a straight point of view, just like girls do about other girls – society can screw itself otherwise.

I even have famous guy crushes (not serious ones, but celebrities who I like and also find mildly attractive), such as Karl Urban, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ewan Mcgregor. I see no problem with this: I think they’re fantastic actors, and happen to be quite attractive. What is wrong with this?

People who are bordering on homophobia should learn to accept it: LOVE. IS LOVE. – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ views on homosexuality. In the form of a song we can all relate to. Give it a listen.

Samwise Gamgee: Used and Abused



I thought I should continue from last week when I wrote about that slave-driving bastard Frodo Baggins. Tonight, I shall recount the sad tale of the unsung hero, Samwise Gamgee. It is a tale of highs and lows, mostly lows, full of misery, depression and downright nastiness. And yet, many, including myself, would argue that Mr. Samwise Gamgee is the true hero of the tale and the true saviour of Middle Earth. “Why, Jack?” I hear you ask. Here’s why:

First things first, is there a character more loyal in the entire world of fiction than Samwise Gamgee? I think it would be a tough task to find one. From the moment Gandalf says “Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee”, Sam does not leave Frodo’s side. Through thick and thin, he supports and protects Frodo. He saves him from the Nazgul in Osgiliath. He saves him from Gollum many many…

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