Top 10 Weird (and Exciting) Phobias

Everyone fears something. Some people at least have the comfort to know that their phobia at least has an exciting term to describe it.

I have a fear of being judged by people (like most people, but I like to think I’m special and suffer from it more than other people…), which turns out is just known as ‘social phobia’. I was very disappointed by this. So, I decided to look up exciting sounding/utterly bizarre phobias and make a top 10 list of my personal favourites. Here we go, in no particular order:

1. Caligynephobia – An unwarranted fear of beautiful women (if you’re a guy with this then I feel truly sorry for you)

2. Androphoba – A fear of men (How do you actually manage life with a phobia like this..?)

3. Barophobia – A fear of gravity (you’re screwed in our world, basically)

4. Friggatriskaidekaphobia – A fear of Friday the 13th (any Hobbit fans reading this? Bad luck for The Desolation of Smaug film)

5. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – A fear of the number ‘666’ (That name is long enough to scare anyone, let alone be scared by the thought of the devil)

6. Koumpounophobia – A fear of buttons (one of my friend’s mums has this fear…)

7. Omphalophobia – A fear of navels/belly buttons (seriously?)

8. Papaphobia – A fear of the Pope (papaphobia. That is the best name)

9. Sesquipedalophobia – A fear of long words (oh the evil irony of that phobia)

10. Uranophobia – A fear of heaven (I’m not even religious but isn’t heaven meant to be all pure and happy and such malarkey? Wow)

And there you have it. Bizarre phobias. As Hermione Granger once said: Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.

Incidentally, a fear of names is known as onomatophobiaSilly witches and wizards.

It’s a Bitter Cruel World We Live In

Despite the negativity that appear to have been expressed within this title, this post really isn’t that negative… It should just sounded catchy, and it does mostly relate.

Although I don’t really consider myself as a victim, I have decided that all my friends do bully me. Not the beat-to-a-pulp sort of bullying, but the kind where they use snide/hurtful comments all the time that they don’t quite realise can affect you quite badly.

‘Banter’ they call itImage.

Banter they believe it as well. Which in a way it is… Just it does get taken too far quite frequently. I’m not just talking about me here by the way, I think everyone receives high levels of banter within their lives. Yet what I’ve started to wonder is to why certain people get more?

It can’t be the typical stereotypical ‘nerd/cool kid’ dilemma. Because I don’t really fit into either of these categories. Neither do my other friends. One of my friends happens to be half Chinese… So she gets a fair amount of racist “banter”. which in all honesty, I count as just abuse. Yet she manages to deal with it quite well, and I applaud her for that.

When it comes to me, I deem myself as bully-worthy because I’m too nice. That sounds really really narcissistic doesn’t it… But when it comes to within context of ‘banter’, then I believe I am. I have no desire to hurt anybody, nor the confidence to argue back, so I just laugh and smile whilst I get abused in a banterous way.  This, is the key. I sit back, and take it. Which then inspires people do it again and again, as they believe they can get away with it, and that I’m not bothered by it. Which I’m not. Most of the time. It does get you, abuse, no matter whether it’s meant in a jokey way or a mean way, it always fin  ds some way to get to you and hurt you. It just takes time. Time kills all, or as Gollum said rather poetically:

This thing all things devours; Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays kings, ruins towns; And beats mountain down.” – Gollum, Riddles in the Dark, The Hobbit. I think Gollum can relate to being abused…Image

Sleeping Positions…

There is a wide variety of positions you can sleep in. No, not sex positions you dirty-minded people, just normal sleeping positions where you wish to sleep instead of the complete opposite where you’re “preoccupied”…
I can never decide what position I best sleep in. Do I lie on my back? Or do I lie on my side? Or the other side? Or even lie on my front? To be honest, I think I go through all of these when trying to sleep.
If I’m in bed but not particularly trying to sleep, I lie on my back with the soles of my feet on my bed with my knees up… Never managed to sleep like this but I find it very comfortable.
Now, my bed is pushed against a wall (which my friend applies a literal meaning to “getting up on the wrong side of the bed” when I’m in a bad mood). Due to this, I find it more snuggly if I lie on my side, with my face facing the wall. I would love to sleep like this, if it weren’t for the arm which happens to be squished underneath me. There is nowhere else to put it! Alas, I have to roll over and start all over again.
I would never say that I’m an insomniac or anything like that, but I do seem to spend the majority of my time trying to get to sleep instead of actually sleeping…
I’m sure plenty of people have the same problem. In fact, I expect plenty of people sleep in far more bizarre positions than I do. I have a fond memory of arriving late to my cousin’s house and seeing him asleep in his bed, with his head propped up on his elbow, without his elbow actually touching his bed… I have a feeling he wasn’t sleeping, but it was rather entertaining to behold.

You can tell I’m running out of ideas about what to blog about, can’t you? Oh well, I’ll keep trying!

The Best Computer Game?

When I originally thought of this blog post, I was adamant that there was one clear choice for me for the best game… Yet now, my thoughts are conflicted between the two. So, the title is now going to be The Two Best Computer Games.
Now, I used to be a console gamer. Console gaming is great fun: easy to use (if you have some sort of skill with gaming, unlike my sister) and fun to play. Yet I found it tedious after a while. When you have a game, then complete it, what is there left to do? Play it through again? Where’s the fun in that?
So then you buy a new game… And spend more money… And before you know it, you’ve gone in a full circle and are back to where you started. Jeez, that was quick.
Which is why I switched to computer gaming. I’ll admit the controls are a bit more tricky, yet the extra options that are available to you make up for this. I speak, of course, of mods. Mods (standing for modifications) add extra objects/locations/missions/quests/blahblahblah to your already existing games. I’ll tell you now: I would be much poorer if it wasn’t for mods.
Linking to the title finally (I tend to go off on tangents, apologies), my favourite computer game of all time is The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

I presume most people have heard of Skyrim? Well, how many of you have heard of Oblivion? I’m hoping the majority have, but you can never be sure…
Oblivion is the sort of prequel to Skyrim. It links in an extremely vague manner, and came out 4/5 years earlier (2006)
The main story of this game is that Mehrunes Dagon, a Daedric Prince from the realm of Oblivion, is trying to break the barrier between His world and ours; Cryodiil. You play as an adventurer, who has inexplicably found themselves within a prison, with no memory of how you got there. Then, the Emperor himself comes through your cell, running for his life from assassin’s of Mehrunes Dagon himself. You escape the prison, and start your new life. (Bit difficult to explain, but I think that went well?)
The great thing about this game is that you can do whatever you want. You can be a magician, a thief, a warrior, an assassin; all depending on how you play the game. It’s an open world game so you can go wherever you like as well (within reason).
I know people are most likely going to say “Oh but Skyrim is vastly superior in every aspect” but the truth of the matter is that it is not. Yes, the graphics are better, but you’d expect that from games that are 5 years apart. The graphics for Oblivion are by no means poor – for 2006 they are pretty goddamn impressive.
The missions/quests, particularly the Main Quest, is absolutely fantastic in Oblivion, whereas only mediocre within Skyrim. It just makes more sense…
Oh, and to top it all off… SEAN BEAN VOICES IN IT. I mean come on, what could be better?

The second game that I find utterly addictive and fantastic for computer is Mount & Blade: Warband. This game. This game is just impossible to stop playing.
It’s a strategy game basically, where you basically try build up your reputation and army so you can basically rule the country of Calradia.
Completely immersive, I’ve already played a rather excessive amount, despite only having it for a week.
I think it’s the fact that you actually properly become your character. I’ll give you an example:
During a fight, to swing your sword, you have to swing in a certain direction. When you’re blocking, you have to swing in the direction to meet your opponents swing. Doesn’t get more immersive than that.

Combine one of these (or even both of them) games with mods, then you are ready to spend the next year of your life obsessively playing them. True, some mods are fairly appalling, yet then you also get mods which completely enchanted your gameplay. From mods with alter graphics so your game looks breath-takingly beautiful, to quests which add more and more for you to do, you will never have another dull moment within your gaming career.

I feel like I did a pretty bad job explaining both of these games… But if you’re a gamer, then I highly recommend at least trying these games. You won’t regret it.

My Useless, Meant-To-Be Creative Brain

I usually take some sort of pride in my ability to convey thoughts into words (not much to go on but you know, I decided long ago I am not academic so I’ll take what I can get!), so I find it extremely annoying when my brain does not manage to actually have any thoughts about what to write.
It’s a recurring problem when trying to write this blog. I try and write a post everyday, yet my brain has other ideas. The part which deals with creativity (the thalamus I believe?) seems to be off on holiday somewhere nice and sunny, having a lovely time sunbathing and doing God knows what other things that brains do, whilst I’m stuck at home at my desk (ha, like I use a desk…) trying really hard to think of something relatively interesting to blog about.
Writing stories is even worse. I’m good at getting rough ideas; so some sort of vague plot, but that’s usually as far as I get… Thinking up names for characters is the worst. How do writers manage it? Adapting their names for a clever play on words – that’s what I admire.
J.K Rowling is the author I admire most when it comes to this. I mean yes, Tolkien managed to create new worlds and characters and excessive amounts of other things, but his names didn’t make the reader imagine them in a certain way. Rowling however, does. Even the name ‘Dursley’ gives an impression of a middle-class, bland, uptight family. Which is precisely what they are! My favourite though is her play on words for Voldemort. Did you know that in French, Voldemort literally means “flight of death”?
Vol = To Fly
De = Of
Mort = Death
Now I think THAT is genius.

Wow, I get distracted easily… Going back to my original topic: does anyone have any ideas for what I can blog about? I know it’s a bit pathetic asking but hey, I don’t really want to stop blogging and I enjoy it. It’s a good way to vent my emotions as well – which I doubt any of my friends would be willing to listen to…
Let me know!

I need a Hero!

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light…

Possibly the weirdest introduction to a blog I’ve ever done. Linking in some vague attempt at connection to the title, I’m going to discuss my new obsession: the TV show Heroes.
Heroes is all about a seemingly random group of individuals who develop superpowers. The show – which I believe is four seasons in total – is all about the back story of them becoming… Well, Heroes!
I’m not sure what it is about this show that gets you so hooked, maybe it’s the fact that pretty much episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the words “to be continued…” printed on the screen, or maybe it’s just that as bizarre as the storyline is, it is pretty goddamn epic.
To top it all off, the actors are superb. Very few well-known actors feature in it, the main being Zachary Quinto (Spock in the new Star Trek films), playing the big bad guy, Sylar. Masi Oka (Get Smart) features heavily in it as well, playing the part of the adorable nerd that he does so well. Not to mention Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia, who are both ridiculously attractive, and also happen to be pretty decent actors/actresses – a happy coincidence.
My advice to anyone who has not watched it is to at least try it. If you don’t like it then oh well, you just have poor taste.
I joke, but do just try it – you might enjoy it!

Dramatic Suspense (Opposed to the other type of suspense..?)

Don’t you hate, yet love cliffhangers?
Despite the fact that cliffhangers are the key to any great thriller (be it an action thriller or a thriller thriller or whatever), you can’t help but scream “OH COME ON” at your tv screen each time an episode ends with “To be continued…”.
Even in books it’s bad enough when a chapter ends leaving you on the edge of your seat (Bed? Bath? …Train?). However, the perks of reading a book are that you can immediately move onto the next chapter. With a TV Programme though, you have to wait a WHOLE. ‘NOTHER. WEEK.
I feel like I’m being a bit negative and pessimistic here… I absolutely love suspense. Even if it kills me, it’s a truly fantastic feeling.

And there you go, there are my thoughts on my love/hate relationship with tension.