Religious Views For a Second Time

Sparked by a recent article I read about the Pope stating that the scientific creation theory and the religious creation theory walk hand in hand, I thought I’d best try and tackle my views on religion (again… one of my earliest blog posts was about it – almost a year ago, Christ – and you can find the post here). Looking back on that post, my thoughts haven’t really changed much!

When people ask me whether or not I believe in God, my answer is usually just a straight and definitive no. In other words, I say I am an atheist (just I usually state it in a less eloquent way). However, truth be told, I actually believe I am open to the concept of God. Oddly enough, it was Hot Fuzz that introduced me to the word: an agnostic:

“I’m open to the concept of religion, I’m just not entirely convinced by it.”

“You’re an agnostic, then?”

“I think I have a cream for that!”


After researching the term, I quickly found the dictionary definition: “A person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience”.

This, I entirely agree with. How can anybody know whether or not God truly exists? Stories and myths have been passed down and down and down, most likely distorted and changed to suit the needs of each individual story-teller. True, you can believe and the person who best sums up religious belief (you can tell I’m a wannabe writer), is Terry Pratchett.

Within his book Small Gods, he talks about the Great God Om, who, much to his/its displeasure, has been transformed into a tortoise (or is it a turtle… truth be told, I’ve never known the difference). Normally, Om has some giant manifest that currently escapes my memory, and is also omnipotent and omnipresent (I think). Yet, due to a lack of belief by his followers, he has been reduced to this tortoise. As the Discworld Wiki states: “Om becomes a tortoise as the religion becomes more important than the faith.” This, is what I believe all religion is.

God only exists because people believe. They believe that each ‘miracle’ is a work of God. If they did not believe in God, then what would they blame the ‘miracles’ on? He is brought to life, in their eyes, by their belief. If they did not, if they found some other thing to find solace in, then He would cease to exist.

It comforts them, comforts them when nothing else can. If there is faith or belief, then they have something, or someone, there for them. Not someone temperamental, like a partner, but someone who is omnipresent, and can forever comfort them.

Reverting back to my views, that is what I see. I, for one, do not have faith in God – I find that there are several other explanations for these ‘daily miracles’ that occur, and though I do not like science (I was always bad at it, and therefore severely disliked it), I accept it as a possibility, perhaps more of a probability.

I welcome people with religious views – they are more than welcome to them, in fact – but I for one do not believe. I also get extremely aggravated by it when they try force their views upon me, as though they believe that it is the correct belief, and you are a sinner if you do not.

This could bring me onto my thoughts about the afterlife and heaven and hell, but I think I will leave that for another blog.

As an after-note, I shall include my picture that perfectly sums up what I think about religious people.


Please, I meant no offence by this picture, I just found it highly entertaining and, in a way, correct.


9 thoughts on “Religious Views For a Second Time

  1. Your right, but for the wrong reason. Hypothetically, God would exist with or without anyone believing in him. Besides, a belief in God never required a church, a bible or a religion.

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