The Quest for Employment

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, searching for jobs is a daunting and precarious task. In the past few weeks that I have been looking, I have applied for over twenty jobs, and possibly heard back from… three.

The fact that plenty of potential employers do not even have the courtesy to inform you they don’t want you (or write something diplomatic like “we are sorry, but we have already filled the position”. It’s not that challenging, is it?) is what really grinds my gears.

I heard back from a bar job (not one I was ecstatic about possibly having, but a job is a job) who called to say “are you still interested in working for us?”.

Obviously, I replied with yes (though, I like to think I phrased it to sound a little bit more excited). They then, equally positively, said “great! We’ll call you tomorrow to sort out when you can come in for a trial.”

And guess what? I never heard from them again. I feel as though this sums up most people’s efforts to find a job.

Now, I’m going to be honest, I’m hardly over-qualified. I have limited experience, as travelling is not the best time to launch a career. For someone my age (nineteen), having previous experience in certain areas is extremely unlikely. Actually having your CV (or resumé) chosen to be looked at is equally unlikely. So when potential employers advertise employment saying “experience required” it makes our lives exceedingly difficult.

How I feel most employers really are...

How I feel most employers really are…

I feel as though this is a bit too much of a rant, but truth be told it is the only interesting thing happening in my life right now.

Coming back from travelling and returning home, actively searching for a job (and trying desperately to make sure it is not a job I will detest) is a serious blow to the feeling of “freedom” that I acquired on my Gap Yah (I swear, it sounds wrong to simply say gap year. Though, technically, it wasn’t a gap year… it’s more Gap Yahs than anything).

On the positive side, I do have a job trial tomorrow working as Front of House at a Greek restaurant, so we’ll see how that goes. Luckily, that place did not insist on previous Front of House experience.

Working in a pub sounds like the way forwards to me (I’m not sure if “pub” is a universal term or not… to you Americans, a pub is more or less a bar, but tends to have a very relaxed vibe (obviously where we all speak in our traditional English accents and guffaw at silly things that Americans would find tedious). They also tend to have fireplaces and a low buzz of conversation opposed to LOUD MUSIC). My hope is that when everyone leaves for university, all the jobs shall open up and they’ll have no option but to employ me. Yes, this would be good.

As an end-note, I seem to have delved back into a teenage angst lifestyle and have discovered the delight of Halestorm. Who rock. Thought this would be worth mentioning for no reason.

Also, this Tumblr post cheered me up after so many… I was going to call them rejections, but they weren’t even that. They were ignores. Goddamn word-that-doesn’t-exist.

I'm going to try include a Tumblr picture in every post. Because it makes me happy.

I’m going to try include a Tumblr picture in every post. Because it makes me happy.

An Ode to Soothers

I was originally going to attempt (however feebly it would be) to try write an ode for this, but then it struck me that I lack the artistic talent to construct one… Plus I hate most poems, so writing one is a truly daunting prospect.

So here we are with an ode-which-is-not-in-fact-an-ode. All about Soothers. I’m kind of hoping they are Universal, or only British people will understand what I am passionately commending.

Soothers, for those poor souls who have never experienced them, are rather delectable sweets which have been in and amongst many debates about whether or not they actually have any qualities which can be deemed beneficial for people with the flu, and therefore also for people with a sore throat.

This brings me onto the reason why I have decided to write an oddity of an ode (ooh I like that…): I sadly have been suffering from a severe case of a cold (also known as ‘man flu’) for just over a week now. This has led to me missing the occasional day of school, as well as feeling the pressure that all dead people must experience of struggling to breathe. Not only that, my sinuses (turns out we each have four sinuses, which I never knew) have been blocked, my head has been thumping – though that is a usual symptom for me – and I’ve just generally had no energy. Hence, the Soothers are called in to the rescue.

My favourite flavour (due to Chrome being American, it strongly detests the spelling of both those words and I hate it for it) of Soothers has got to be the blackcurrant flavour. Not only does it smell nice, but it tastes rather splendid.

However, I fancied a changed. For the first time ever, I purchased the ‘Peach and Raspberry’ flavoured sweets. Whilst it primarily caused me to gag as the sweet became attached to my tongue and was slowly drained of its flavour, I must admit, it ultimately became rather pleasant, once I’d rid myself of the first few sweets. Of course, this could be due to the fact my tongue became rather numb and lost most of its taste receptors, but this flavour did have the advantage that it gave the feeling as though it was piercing through the mucus (I truly hate that word, almost as much as I hate Chrome right now) and unclogging my throat.

After thorough research – meaning spending about 5 minutes on Google – I have found that it, in fact, does fuck all for your throat. The main ingredient in Soothers, menthol, merely uses it scent to create the illusion of unblocking your sinuses. Whilst this is helpful in the short-term, it does also mean that in the long-term my feelings of suffering re-emerge. It also means that in the long-term, my money will continue to drain away as I spend more and more upon Soothers in order to receive the temporary relief that they grant.

Not that this will ever ward me off from spending my well-earned (in the sense of that my parents give me the money and I earn it by staying out of their way as much as possible) money upon the delicious sweets. Perhaps in the future though, I will stick to the blackcurrant flavour and avoid the new peach and raspberry combination… For medicinal purposes of course.


And there is my ode-which-is-not-in-fact-an-ode.

Thinking about it, perchance it would be more prudent of me if I were to invest in some actual drugs that will help clear up my flu… I did not think of that.